2016 12th Annual Charity Chocolate and Wine Festival

chocolate and wine festival

We were very honored to participate in the Grapevine Texas 12th Annual Charity Chocolate and Wine Festival.

Festival 2016

Along with numerous other chocolate, confectionery and wineries, we debuted our line of handmade liqueur chocolates at this event with an emphasis on our spring collection. With some 600 guests and local celebrities attending, our unique chocolates  were received with tremendous praise and acclaim.

Everyone had their own favorite and we were asked many times which was our best flavor, to which we would reply that depends on your taste “just remember these were made with alcohol” . Then people have to make their most difficult decision : What do I really want?

We had a great time at this event, met with many great people and enjoyed the party like atmosphere as well as the music, food and wine!

This was a great first event for Victoria Chefina Chocolates which we will be repeating as often as possible.

Please, check back with us to see if we will be at an event near you.

With Love

Victoria Chefina